The Baptist Theological Academy

is a government recognized institute of higher learning providing training in religious studies. The Baptist Theological Academy is supported by the Baptist Union of Hungary.

The training based on time proven Baptist theological basic principles looking back to a history of more than a century has been supplemented by modern theoretical and practical information content aimed at preparing for the challenges of today’s society.


Central and Eastern European Baptist Theological Institute

„… make disciples of all nations teaching them…” (Mt 28,19-20)

After long preparatory work, the Senate of the Baptist Theological Academy, Budapest – with the support of the Presidium of Baptist Union of Hungary – established the “Central and Eastern- European Baptist Theological Institute”.

Negotiating with foreign theologocal partners

The main aim of this institution is to help mainly those Central and Eastern European Baptist Unions – primarily pastors, church workers and seminary students – (from countries both within and outside of the European Union) which/who have currently no possibility to pursue theological studies of evangelical emphasis and to issue/obtain European Union accredited degrees (BA, MA) in theology, but would have a need and demand for this.

The above institute is going to start a theological MA training course as soon as possible. This will be a correspondence course, held in English and will have full European Union accreditation. The teaching staff of the new institute will comprise – in addition to the professors of the Baptist Theological Academy – also professors of international background. (USA, Poland, Romania)

This 4-semester correspondence course will include a ten-day intensive, residential teaching element in Budapest every semester.

We expect the first group to comprise ten students for MA Theology training – mainly pastors who already have a BA degree as well as a working knowledge of the English language and wish to pursue Bible-centred theological studies with a conservative, evangelical emphasis.

For students in this first group, the Baptist Theological Academy will cover all costs related to the training course (board and lodging, standard lecture notes) with the exception of the travel expenses.

The 110th anniversary celebration

The application form and other, more detailed information can be obtained from:

Baptista Teológiai Akadémia

H-1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 31. – Hungary


Baptist Theological Academy

Cultivation of fellowship

What do we offer?

KNOWLEDGE – applicable in practice, ranging from learning the original languages in which the Bible was written, to practical information based on exegesis of the text of the Bible.

COMMUNITY – a community of students and faculty supporting and building up each other.

SPIRITUALITY – a Christian fellowship based on the Bible, built on voluntary commitment, which nourishes the personal development of the students.

SERVICE – improvement of skills required for serving God and man, providing ample related practical opportunities in the fields of mission, works of charity, education and social service.



Baptista Teológiai Akadémia

H-1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 31. – Hungary


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